Dear Visitors, my name is Dr. Tatiana Cain, and I am pleased to practice Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Redmond, Washington. I understand that a great many of us get so caught up in the many to do’s of our daily lives, that sometimes our own personal health and wellness take a back seat to other priorities.

We try to maintain hectic work schedules while balancing our busy family lives, which in turn creates stress that takes a toll on our body. This stress can cause imbalances, which manifest themselves in the form of pain, fatigues, headaches, and digestive problems. When our stress increases, our bodies respond with deeper symptoms that can include fertility problems, irregular cycles, respiratory disorders, as well as chronic pain.

I have recently returned from an amazing visit to China.I would like to share photos of my journey, you can view them all here.

The objective of any treatment is to feel better, and we provide a holistic approach to health care with the goal of helping individuals to improve the quality of their lives and overall well-being. By applying the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, we can help you to realize and maintain a renewed state of energy, mental awareness, physical wellness, and overall health by re-balancing the mind, body and spirit. The result is a greater sense of harmony and overall well-being.

We are proud to offer professional therapeutic and caring services in a relaxing and cozy home environment setting. We want you to be at ease when receiving your treatment. Our purpose is to make you feel better through alternative medicine practices that enhance the health and wellness of every individual we have the privilege of serving.

If you are looking for an acupuncture doctor, we offer a safe and natural alternative to traditional medicine. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and together we will develop a treatment plan to put you on a path toward better health today.

Sincerely, Dr. Tatiana Cain

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